Santé Beverage Supply is Proud to Announce its Product Lines
15 Jun 2017

Santé Beverage Supply is Proud to Announce its Product Lines

June 15, 2017- Santé Beverage Supply is proud to partner with many of the most respected manufacturers and suppliers in the beverage industry.

  • Cork Supply USA – Vertically integrated manufacturer of the best-in-class natural cork closure offerings in the world, featuring natural corks, technical corks, and sparkling and champagne corks.
  • Nomacorc – World’s leader in synthetic closure sealing over two billion bottles per year. Nomacorc’s patented co-extrusion technology creates unique synthetic wine corks with a foamed inner core and a flexible outer skin. These two elements work hand-in-hand to create predictable and consistent wine preservation performance.
  • Guala – Guala Closures is the worldwide leader in the production of screwcaps for wine. Guala wine screwcaps have been adopted by leading wine manufacturers in five continents because of the benefits they offer with respect to traditional corks: they have no impact on the organoleptic qualities of the wine, avoiding oxidation and cork taint.


  • Tonnellerie Ô – Tonnellerie Ô barrels are handcrafted, hand-toasted and hand-finished by accomplished artisans skilled in the age-old craft of coopering. Using their keenly trained sense of sight, smell and touch, our veteran coopers transform oak selectively sourced from the finest French & select American forests and stave mills into exceptional barrels destined for the finest wines.


  • Creative Oak – Creative Oak products are available in convenient styles for both tanks and barrels and are produced in our own California facility. Available for use in wine, spirits and beer. With Creative Oak, you’re assured of achieving your desired flavor profile case after case, year after year.


We offer our clients a choice of the leading and most respected top-of-the-bottle, oak, and decorative glass options in the world.  Our unbeatable collection is the industry’s finest, representing the pinnacle of quality, innovation, performance and consistency. Santé Beverage Supply offers the most comprehensive wine closure and oak offerings around.

Suzanne Ward

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