Cork Supply Corks

Natural Corks

We start with the finest cork wood and invest in state-of-the-art technologies at each stage of the process, from forest to bottle, to guarantee corks of the highest quality. The Cork Supply (CS) Natural Cork, our premium selection, is extracted from top quality cork wood and undergoes our patented Innocork® process that guarantees consistent sensory performance. The combination of quality, performance and sustainability makes the CS Natural Cork the natural choice for wines of the 21st century. Available in 3 washes: Alpha, Natural, and Alpha B.

DS 100 Corks

The DS100, dry soak inspection process is a unique promise from Cork Supply that guarantees the inspection of 100 percent of your corks. All DS 100 Corks are 100 percent tested for off aromas, including TCA, using our non-destructive dry soak method. Choose any of our natural cork options and we can run them through the DS100 process ensuring total satisfaction with every bottle.


Cork Supply is proud to contribute to helping raise quality the standards in the technical cork market. While the industry practice is to evaluate TCA levels through average lot warranty, Cork Supply has raised this standard in order to provide superior quality corks. In VINC corks, the level of migratory TCA is guaranteed to be less than or equal to 0.5 ng /L in each cork.

Technical Corks

When performance, visual quality and tradition are important decision making factors, technical cork is an economical solution. Our technical corks offers the traditional appearance and sustainability of natural cork with the consistent performance.

Sparkling Wine and Champagne Corks

CS Cuvée corks are a Champagne and sparkling wine closure that offers superior mechanical function and consistent sensory performance. CS Cuvée has an agglomerated, molded body with one or two natural cork discs at the end of the cork that comes into contact with the wine. Each natural cork disc for CS Cuvée undergoes the Innocork® process, our patented TCA extraction system.

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