Santé Advantage

Why Us?

Santé has the experience it takes to serve you, with nearly two decades in the wine, spirits, and brew industry. We are strategically located in North Carolina, sitting right in the middle of the Eastern United State’s wine, spirits and brewery markets. This makes Santé the most complete packaging supplier East of the Mississippi.

Santé represents the best offerings for the top-of-the-bottle available, as well as barrels coopered in the USA, alternative oak for batch to batch consistency, and the industry’s leader in decorative glass services. Our goal is to service our customers through a consultative and investigative method, offering the best solutions for each bottle.

Our Process

When you partner with Santé, you are working with industry experts.

We Listen

We Understand

We Provide Solutions

We will start with understanding your processes, methods and practices used, then look at oxygen conditions, bottling scenarios, intended shelf life and flavor profile desired. From there, Santé will offer you closure and aging solutions that have been honed over years of world class research and enological data.

Santé strives to make the process smooth and easy. A quick five minute conversation is all we need to get your order in progress. We are here to consult with you with one goal in mind: to provide you with the best solutions possible.

Are you ready to talk? We are here 24/7.

Please call or text (919) 522-5937.