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EXPERIENCE to serve you best

Santé Beverage Supply has been in the wine, spirits and brewery industry since 2001, working with closure and bottle manufacturers both here in the United States and internationally. This has resulted in first-hand experience and industry knowledge, setting Santé apart from all others.

Wes Ward, Founder and President of Santé Beverage Supply, has worked in the beverage supply and service industry for the past twenty years, always striving to put customers first.

It has come apparent that the Eastern United States has not and does not have a beverage packing specialist. This market is in need of someone who can provide superior customer service, while offering best in class packing products consistently. Santé is ready to step into that gap, offering the most comprehensive closure and oak offerings around.

Santé has learned the ups and downs of the industry and how to navigate the challenges in order to exceed its client’s expectations in service, reliability, and quality. Santé wants nothing more than to be a consultant to its clients, partnering with them to deliver the best product possible.

Santé offers our clients a choice of the leading and most respected options in the world. Santé’s goal is to service its customers through a consultative and investigative method, and offer the best solutions for each bottle.

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About Wes Ward

Wes Ward is a Raleigh, NC native, born and bred.  Wes began his career in the hospitality and restaurant industry.  In 2001, he made a move into wine closures at Nomacorc, serving multiple marketing, sales and technical roles domestically and internationally over his 17 year tenure.  He was responsible for the creation and execution of sales budgets for North America, South America and South Africa. During his nearly two decades at Nomacorc, Wes achieved year after year double digit growth results in all markets. His specialty, however, was the superior customer service he offered his multiple distributor networks, as well as his more than 100 direct accounts. The last few years, Wes spent time working with a supplier of glass bottles, closures, and packing materials. Wes was responsible for execution of sales and marketing activities for the Southeast and Midwest of the United States, where he grew and expanded the market considerably.

Wes has spent nearly two decades fostering relationships and consulting with customers in the wine, beer and spirits industry, and the time has now come to continue to do just that by opening Santé Beverage Supply.  Santé offers a comprehensive product line featuring closures and oak, including Cork Supply natural and technical corks, Nomacorc synthetic corks, Guala screw caps, Rivercap capsules, Tonnellerie O barrels and Creative Oak oak alternatives.  Wes has been married since 2003 to his wife, Suzanne, with two kids, Taylor and Will, as well as two yellow labs, Bizzy and Cooper.  In his off time, Wes coaches his children’s soccer teams, serves as a youth leader at church, and enjoys spending time with his family at the beach.

Our Service Territory

Santé Beverage Supply services east of the Mississippi, as well as Texas, Arkansas and Missouri. We are strategically located in Raleigh, NC, and are delighted to be in close proximity to you so that we can offer superior customer service.

If you do not see your area located in our service territory, and would like to work with Santé Beverage Supply…
Give us a call! (919) 522-5937. We’d love to work with you, too!

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